Friday, October 14, 2011

shoom shoom shoom shoom

Missed out on the first chance to actually get this bike, but a visit to the mall (on a sale day) yielded this light and sound Blue Spader which is just the right size for KT Blade. 

Neat little bike, it has free rolling action and some cool lights and sounds when you use one of the two  Rouse cards that come with the set. I'd like to write more about it as well as include more pics, but I really can't get beyond the "neato" phase. 

Admittedly it's not really all that SIC-ish, too toyetic and thick, the kickstand isn't all that effective, but it has good scale and the gimmickry makes it worth getting at least, (bought mine at 150 php which is around $3-$4).
Besides, I can't find any good 1/18-ish scaled rider vehicles here anyway, (been looking for a Trychaser for Kuuga for foreeever.) so this bike's a keeper.

Now if only I could find Red Rhombus.

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