Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i'm speechless

this is the best night ever!!!


my new Baby. still getting the hang of using her though, kinda messy testing her out, had to disassemble and clean. 2nd hand, but it's a great start!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Survivor of Shadow Moses

Solid Snake came out a little rougher than Big boss, though the build was much more involved. aside from the resculpted Airborne head with twistie Bandanna (i needed to find one that resembled cloth to a degree for the trademark waviness) the shoulder pads and pectorals were sculpted over the ROC Snake Eyes torso.

the choice of feet took a while as i didn't want him to look like a midget alongside Big Boss but i guess that's what happens with using the Sgt. Stone body for Big Boss, ends up taller than most joes.

if given the materials i'd like to do a second, lighter colored (more game-accurate) version, and an MGS2 version, but this one will  do for now. he looks snake-y enough anyway.

now for some action shots:


head- resculpted Airborne head with flexi-bandanna
torso/upper arms- ROC snake eyes
forearms- 25th comic snake-eyes with sculpted elbow pads
upper legs/kneecaps- Air-viper (?) * the one that came with outback
lower legs- comic pack Firefly
feet- comic pack Cobra Commander (hooded)
webgear- Airborne

gun- ROC deep six

Saturday, June 26, 2010


comig soon-ish

where it all began

work has started on my Metal Gear Solid: Solid Snake custom:

initial build. a looot of figures went into his assembly, but at his core is the 
Uber-Macho ROC snake eyes figure

first coat of primer to let me see how he looks in one color

Building up the shoulders.
it's amazing how well the 25th Anniversary Airborne face lends itself 
to Snake here.

and the build so far. 95% done i would say,
still a lot to clean up but i'm satisfied with it. 
the next step would be painting. woo-hoo!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

like a BOSS! (Metal Gear Solid Big Boss custom)

special thanks to MTN of Hisstank.com for his help!

Head- resculpted 25th A Breaker
Torso, upper arms-  ROC Sgt. Stone
lower arms- ROC Shipwreck
Upper legs-  25A snow serpent
Lower Legs- 25A Shockblast


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bob and Wade go and fuck shit up.


head- resculpted POC destro
-torso, upper arms, thighs- greenshirt breaker with waterstop-widened neck
lower arms/gloves- a white arctic snake eyes repaint
lower legs- Tripwire
harness- 2pack cobra officer


Monday, June 21, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, Bob.

my deadpool was feeling lonely, so i decided to make him a friend:

*note: i replaced his forearms with the ones that came from the arctic SE repaint

painting up the face:


head- resculpted POC destro
torso,upper arms, thighs- greenshirt breaker
forearms- a white reaint of arctic SE
lower legs-  tripwire

Spymaster ( Sinclair Abbott version)

here's my take on the Iron Man villain, not exactly comic accurate but this works for me:

expanding my villains

working on a joeverse custom of Spymaster (Sinclair Abbott), an Invincible Iron Man villain:

of course mine won't be 100% comic accurate but all the necessary visual cues are there:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

painting practice

trying to sharpen my skills with painting 3 3/4 headsculpts, particularly the facial details. so experimented on ROC Baroness:

gonna keep practicing! 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finished Tony Stark Custom

finally done! and with one day to spare :) i tried the pastel shading technique on this but after some places getting spotty i decided to refrain from continuing it and removed what i could that didn't look right, i did do an ink wash on his to and it cane out as dark as the pants but oh well.  anyway i also whipped up a suit for him after a suggestion from someone over at hisstank.com. real quick repaint, but it doesn't steal the limelight from tony's figure, which is what i am most proud of. one of my cleanest attempts at regular human figures:

resculpted matt trakker head
cobra air viper commando torso
cobra flint forearms
ROC cobra commander pants
ROC Sgt. Flash feet.