Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Started working on the paintjob for my Adele Gundam build earlier this week. 

finished with both the arms and legs but the arms need a bit more weathering. All that's left to do is the waist, head and torso then It's off to the weapons, shield and alternate hands. Hoping to finish this dude before the end of the week though, so I can start the build on the Nu Gundam. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Got myself some kits over the weekend, today I got the HGUC Geara Doga (Rezin Schnyder Colors ) and browsed through the manual. Holy cripes, this kit single-handedly made me want to complete the HGUC Char's Counterattack line. Looks like I'll be armybuilding some jegans and dogas, which would be my primary targets aside from the Nu and the Sazabi (the Jagd Dogas can wait, and maybe the ReGZ too).

Speaking of the Nu, I brought home this monster last Saturday...

this thing is just so xbox huge. And I feel like I should build it as best as I can, so this thing might become my main focus this summer in terms of build.

To prepare for that, I've started practicing on the painting front as well by starting the paintjob on my Adele Gundam build:

Winging it and learning stuff for other builds but so far it's working out okay.

right now I think I got enough kits to tide me over but since I bought the Evolve renditions of the Nu Gundam recently, I feel obliged to hunt down the Go Go Sazabi to complement both the Nu and HWS Nu. Once I have that I'm basically done for the rest of the summer, and shall spend the remainder of my time building them lol. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Galleries up!

Got a few entries posted over at the Satellite ,

First up is my KT Kuuga Ultimate:

and the Nu Gundoom from MC Model (Model Comprehend):

Click Here

Do have a look at the stuff, and I intend to do more new galleries for older works as well. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Secondary blog!

Micromatsing Satellite

Didn't think I'd need a back-up blog but here it is, slightly under construction and displaying some recent content. Right now I intend to use that domain mainly as a more dedicated gallery, with posts containing simply pictures and not really any articles or stuff like that. So for the most part this blog (Toyworks) will mainly be where I post reviews or general blogger-y things. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

doooom dooom

Purchases from yesterday! I finally have an MC Model Gundoom in my hands, but in retrospect I should have bought the HWS version (derp) Oh well, started work on it anyway and made some progress since last night.

Definitely loving the assembly process so far, it's pretty fun to build and easy to clean up. not really bothered by the seam lines since they blend pretty well with the panel line heavy design of the Evolve look.

I like the face too, in a weird kind of way because it reminds me of how UC gundam faces used to look on old kits from the late 80s to the early 90s.

I'm thinking this guy is HUGE.  Pretty large for an HG, which is why I hope the Go Go Sazabi Evo I'll buy eventually can stand monoeye to eye against this guy.

Earlier this week I also finished another OOB build, the HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 3. Loved the build, and makes me look forward to the EZ-8 that's going to be released soon.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A New Hero, A New Legend, A New Bike.

Hello! And welcome to my review of the S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii Trychaser.
(I hope you enjoyed the mini-comic at the start of this post)

I've been meaning to acquire this bike for a while now but only got to buying it last weekend, let me tell you though I'm a little bit let down by how basic it is, though this doesn't mean it isn't fun.

Trychaser is another very well-built vehicle for this line though it lacks any real gimmick due to being a separate item from the limited Gouram set to be released later in the year. You can compare it to the common Maisto bike in that it features free-wheeling and is quite detailed and includes rubber/pvc tires, but shies away from any glossy finish. It's more of a mix. There's semi-gloss for the body, metallic for the gold parts, dull for the mechanical and engine parts and matte for the wheel and seat.

The gold of the bike is rather pale though it makes for great contrast with Kuuga's faded gold.

The paint itself is very sharply applied and there are a few forgivable paint errors on it. I say forgivable because it doesn't detract from the overall piece. There is some weathering on parts of the bike but none on the wheels itself which is odd, in my opinion. 

The bike comes with new hands for Kuuga to grip the handlebars, which are painted in the same shade of red as used on the bike which is only slightly off with the brighter metallic red used to paint Kuuga. the difference is that whereas the undercoat of the hands that come with the bike is silver, the hands that come with Kuuga are undercoated in gold which makes the clear red sprayed over it all the more brighter. An oversight for sure, but tolerable. 

The bike also comes with Kuuga's Try-Acceller Rod, used in the show both as the Trychaser's starter key and Titan form's sword on some occasions. Very neat accessory for the figure itself. 

Then there's the clear bike stand that lets you display Kuuga on the bike and not have it fall over, if you choose not to use the kickstand of the bike itself.

Some undocumented features are also included which I think have something to do with it sharing the same basic body with the BeatChaser.

the rear boosters of the bike peg on and can be removed

as well as the head of the bike itself.

Both of these features means the body itself will be reused for kuuga's second bike. Neat!

And then at the very bottom is a hole you can use with Tamashii stands (normal and the ones included with Kuuga) for a more dynamic means of displaying the bike.

My only gripe with the bike is that it sits too low on the rear end, rather unusual for a dirt bike though perhaps it's to accommodate the Gouram  when combined. 

Overall, I'm happy with it. But not impressed.

Enjoyable as a display piece for your Kuuga, but not quite as fun without the Gouram because you can't enjoy the combination feature turning it into TryGouram.

I got mine for 1400php (34.47USD) at Greattoys Annapolis

 Kinda expensive for something rather basic, but worth it if you're a Kuuga fan.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Sudden Death!

After a long drought I finally got one SICKT Trychaser to own, I was also intending to post a diorama but subsequently lost the picture file when my laptop crashed last week... orz

 Anyway, I got a new toy review coming up, new hard drive to work with (so my laptop is fast again) and new content in the coming week! Oh also, I've recently made a Twitter account for myself that I've been using for a while now so I might as well whore it out here to anyone who wants to follow it:

Lately I've been doing some sketch/doodle-a-day sort of thing on there, so check it out as well!

 Right now though, I'm posting a pic of my Adele Gundam build. very close to painting now, just fixing a few seams here and there. I'll likely put up some of the stuff I changed around for this build right before actual painting.  Enjoy the primed pic!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

more plamo.

Well, it's march and I'm pissed that my regular store didn't stock any KT Trychasers (bastards!) so I'm still tiding myself over with some gunpla. Bought a few more AGE kits recently, and since a few of them are on sale it's pretty ballin.

First up is this Adele kitbash which I will try to mod into an NT-1 Alex homage, part of a bigger fanfic idea I have in my head but will likely never write, though there are general story notes written down to help me visualize this.  Most of the changes would be some Plaplate panels added on some areas, and beam vulcan modules on the forearms, like the original Alex had vulcans as well.

I also built this G-exes that I have no idea what to do with. but the build was fun and the model itself even moreso. makes me want to buy a few shaldoll customs to go with it. 

lastly, an update on my Razor custom, part of the same fic the adele gundam is included in.

That's all for now, hoping to get more work done this week on other projects.