Sunday, October 30, 2011

plans plans plans

Okay, so I decided to trade Knight to a friend of mine to get back the Faiz he won in our exchange gift thing last christmas. I was planning to use the extra gear from the spare faiz to make Ecxeed Charge or "Ready" modes of the faiz gear, meaning the faiz shot, pointer and spare edge will have a faiz memory sculpted on,  and the spare faiz shot will be attached to a spare hand and the pointer will have an extension. Just as well the extra faiz phone will lack the memory on it and instead will have a sculpted slot.

What becomes of the spare faiz figure you may ask? well this is the time where I impelent a long-term custom project of accumulating about 5 more of these guys and start making a squad of Riotroopers. In the process I'll end up with a lot of excess faiz gear but I'm sure i'll have some use for them. 

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