Sunday, November 22, 2009

new tutorial hey!

a spin-off of Dave's Hot Glue effects found here, i added my own twist (pun intended) to the technique. click on the pics below to have a look-see:

Friday, November 13, 2009


haha... yeah.

in othger news, i haven't used gray primer in a while and i've forgotten how sweet it looks.
anyway here's the mobile suit in it's 2nd coat and sanded and re-checked for more trouble spots. there's still some work but at least it's all tiny fixings needed now:

the kit's more robust than i thought it would be, but that's okay. he looks good and armored. i think i'll keep it this way until i can paint it with justice, but it definitely calls for an urban look and some weathering. :D

the Gun's from, a HG GINN model from Gundam Seed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

a kit as old as me.

so i bought this thing yesterday. seemed like a good price for something old--19 years old to be exact.
when i started out on it i saw some construction techniques that are standard fare compared to today's gunpla (specifically within the 1/44 HG or the gundam wing series of kits up to Turn A), but perhaps something revolutionary during the time.  the closest comparison to the build of this kit that i can make with something fairly recent is the GM Sniper kit (1/144 HG) from the series 80th MS team.

of the features, it had the pre-standardized polycap(PC)  sprue that had the  standard from PC-A to  PC-E. multi-color part sprues,  ball joint construction, clear part (the visor), some decals.

but as conventional as this is is the G-Cannon kit from MS Gundam F91 still had a lot of flaws to address, such as a lot of mold flash that needed to be cleaned up, and a lot of parts had an uneven fit. i needed to sand a lot of places and fill some really hard seams.

it's small for a 1/100 kit but since F91's all about compact Mobile weapons i get the logic. this is how it's supposed to look:


still i don't plan to follow the model to the letter and decided to try my hand at modification with Styrene sheet. i used 5mm High Impact sheet from Devoir and made extensions to the front skirt, and added armor plating to the front  of the upper torso as seen in detail below:


i 'm still undecided if i'll add some plating to the shoulder armor but i'll probably know once i finish filling up the initial seams and gaps and give it its first coat of primer.

aside from that it only has the face carved up to make it distinct a bit, modding the side of the shins to be flush, one antenna on the head and one chain gun. if i ever find a F90 kit that has some spare guns i'll probably get rid of the mounted chaingun and just go with that, then i'll look for a good colorscheme, maybe a tankish green or something like an urgan grey. i'm undecided yet.

basically this will end up looking a lot like a GM unit but i am really fond of those mass production designs. a personal favorite is the GM Quel. i've yet to get one but maybe in the future, who knows?

that's all fer' nao


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the first day

well i'm officially back into the education system for my second semester of my current undergrad course... i never thought it would e so tiring. funny how my endurance has withered away into weak jelly in the weeks that i've laid back and worked, but no matter, school's only for five more weeks and that's plenty of time to gather momentum. once again i'm feeling i lack the energy and drive to do anything and boy is that ever so annoying. man, i never knew how many stuff i have that needs to be done, but that mountain is slowly growing faster than i can make time or space for it.and as much as i'd like to finish these things i find myself saying "meh". i've lost all my speed and worn myself out working on so many things at once that i never get anything done. well... at least the stuff i WANT done. that needs to change. i gotta plan my way out of this Procrastination hell i've driven myself to, and i figure the first step is choosing just one project and sticking with it to the end.

i've been too lax, and my output suffered. well, serious face on now.

i need commitment, and i need it now!

who knows what this week will bring?  whatever, i'll just charge blindly at it flailing my arms like i always do, but this time it'll all be coordinated.

seriousface: engage!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

mini is the new maxi

be amazed as you see your favorite minibots repainted from newer toys, some familiar, some spankin' fresh, and some you might not even recognize! click the title to see all the minibotty goodness!

for the full galleries, click here.

if you want in on all the kitbash/custom action yourself, then head on over and register to Sector 70!

cheers guys! i also entered this one so just guess which entry was mine ;)