Monday, October 3, 2011

paint practice

I tried testing out the new paints (vallejo game color)  I bought over the past few weeks on this junker sofubi kuuga, painted the chest, belt, crest and eyes :

wow, these things take a lot of getting used to. for the most part I thin them with water and wipe & shine AKA Future finish. these paints take a lot longer to dry out and makes me use a palette when painting. 

overall the range of colors are pretty nice, but the coverage can get finicky at times, since these are acrylic vinyl and my mastery of that kind of paint is next to nil. still if i do this right then these just might be paints  needed for SIC customs.

the red I used, scarlett red over opaque red, both thinned with red ink has that old faded look and dries with a chitinous sheen. the red i used for the eyes and amadam stone in the arcle belt though which was bloody red seems a bit too bright and goopy. there's really not enough creases on this test subject to make good use of the black wash so it kinda messed up when I applied it on the chest. oh well.

the silver and the gold-- in general their metallics--takes a lot of getting used to, but i'm pretty amazed how fine the grind was on the pigment. they really shine better than the usual metallic paints that get brushed on. though I might need a more faded gold when I start painting the SIC KT kuuga. 

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