Monday, October 31, 2011

Microlady Slim type.

Okay, so this started out while I was taking an afternoon to work on some commissions. I had bought an Asuka figurine to use the head on the Microlady one I had until I realized that normal dress Asuka has the same hinged hairpiece as the plugsuit one.

 Since normal clothes Asuka ended up as Ibuki, and the hair was used to fix Plugsuit Asuka, that left me with the Figurine, and a spare P2 colors Sakura body (that used to hold the Ibuki head).

While I was checking out some Japanese Microman blogs, I came across a lot of  PVC figurines converted into articulated figures using microman parts. that did get me thinking, and came up with this while working:


Granted I only used like... 20% of the original figurine, it's still pretty neat as another body type. There was lots of sanding done to make the abdomen match up with the chest, a ball jointed neck, some minor drilling on the shoulder joints so they'd hold. I'm still considering sanding down the arm by the swivel joint above the elbow to make her look thinner.

Overall i'm not exactly sure what I'll do with this, maybe turn it into a generic civilian body with plain tee and shorts or skirt, and use other heads on it. Man, if I had a fuckton of Microman Materialforce bodies I'd do more of these kinds of mods.