Customizing info & tips

This page contains most of the posts I make in regards to general toy customizing tips or tricks. Updates are sporadic, and the posts are really long, but I do hope that readers will find this useful.

Part 1: Paint.

Part 2: Sculpting and Parts making.

Part 3: Tools.

Tutorials (newest at the top):

Bug Eyes

Mod for IM2 Comic Series Neo-Classic Armor

SIC KT Kuuga Height Mod (bottom of the page)

Modifying your Marvel Universe Jubilee Figure

SIC Kuuga Mod (currently part 1)

Fixing SIC KT Blade's Shoulders.

Fixing SIC KT Garren's Shoulders. 

Halo Megabloks Magnet Tutorial

Generations Wheeljack Shoulder Mod 

ROTF Brakedown Heel Mod

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