About this Blog

hello there.

well basically this page is here to talk about the blog i put up.
by the time this was written down, my blog is already 2 years old. i have for the most part restricted the amount of whining i've done (fancy that!) and mainly posted on occasions where i feel like i can post or should post. what i share on this blog is about what interests me, and what i feel like i want to say, most of it with pictures more than words, so... yeah tumblr might be more appropriate, but i dislike tumblr for personal reasons. 

anyway, this blog is about toys, pictures of toys, stuff i write about (reviews, rants, observations), my projects and stuff i do (which involves toys on more than one occassion), and when you're lucky you'll see me write something while drunk.

if you wish to link my blog or want me to link yours, drop me a line at:

cheers, peeps!