Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plastic Surgery

So today I came across this Yujin mini scaled Deunan Knute:

When I went around playing with it I noticed it was.... well, shitty. The shoulderpads kept popping off, the pistol holster wouldn't stay in place (even with glue!) and there was a crack in the left thigh along the seamline where the two parts that make up the sockets are glued together so it was really loose. Then in no fewer than a couple of hours the bond completely broke and split the thigh open.

That's it, I thought. It's time for some surgery:

Things I thought about giving this figure: shoulder ball swivels, new hips, a sturdier trigger hand, and a new paintjob for the body. Boy, this'll be fun.


Knee surgery went without a hitch, now the kneepads need to be done, and the hips modded more.

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