Thursday, November 29, 2012

Head Start!

Finally putting that spare Den-O to use.

So on my visit to the local Japanese surplus store, (same store I bought a loose MRS Den-O) I was able to find and buy a few Soul of Hyper Figuration statues, one of them was Den-O. 

Turns out the statue is the perfect size for the MRS body and it has the compound eye look that I want, so I went ahead and chopped it off for transferring.

Now normally that would be enough, but I decided to tweak a few things on the MRS just slightly, like the shoulder armor and a bit of the belt. What I plan to do with this is to completely repaint it to look a bit more accurate, something that I'll base on the tiny statue since its paintjob is so pretty, but that's for next week because we'll be spending the weekend out of town. 
Now I mentioned I bought more than one statue, so which one was the other one?


Kuuga. It ended up a tad more straightforward. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

that's a dirty desk!

New project! No the head wasn't sculpted by me, I tried using a gashapon head for this one, though I gotta admit the look grows on me. But still I'm on the hunt for a tad smaller headsculpt for it. 

I also went router crazy on the upper torso and arms, the stock smooth look just didn't cut it for me and I like this look better. 

I've also been looking for a couple of new heads for the clear bodies I have, and so far these are the ones I've chosen:

overall reception on the 4 heads was good, though I may add a bit more and tweak the current ones to my liking. A lot of things are in the works as this year closes, and it's still only November. I can't wait for 2013

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Getting the hang of things.

I have a problem keeping things at 1/18 scale hahaha.

Anyway this bodes well for me, Might have to attempt some micromen based on the characters of Worst and Crows soon. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Finally got one of these built! Some minor issues need to be addressed with the casts but overall very pleased with the result.

More soon!

Monday, November 19, 2012


So, there was a Microman sale today and I ended up grabbing this guy (through an inventory error, at the store. They failed to inform me the Wrecker Signa figures were also included ;_;). Won't bother talking about the suit he comes with because a lot of people tell me the Kiguru line was complete ass--and after getting Microman Ken, I kinda agree.

Microman Ricky though is pretty solid in his own right, I kinda consider him a waste to end up in the Kiguru set due to:
 A. you need to apply stickers, and most of it falls off,  and considering the supposed deco on him it's a waste to resort to stickers.
B. chrome weapons are much MUCH better than rubber suits.

so with nothing better to do, I painted his face.

Oh yeah, I applied the chest and crotch sticker too. 

Not sure if it's legible but I tried to write Ganbare! (頑張れ!)   On the headband (major thanks to Louise Desu for correcting me on that) , I thought it would be very fitting.  I wish there was something I could give him though, maybe the Eva girl weapons would work.

Anyway since the sale is still on I'm still eyeing a few pieces at the store. There's even a Quanto book Micro (not discounted though) there that i'm eyeing. It's not the female micro though. And my special order Commander Microman! Woo-hoo (ohgodi'mgonnabesobrokesoon).

Apart from that I also got a cheap Junker Ramenman. The owner said the head was glued to the neck but I was able to pry it safely off the head, the only problem now is the peg is stuck to the base of the head.

Oh well, I wasn't planning on restoring him anyway, I'm happy with Robin Mask and Kinnikuman. I will however tweak some parts and see if I can have it molded and cast for a project.


Friday, November 16, 2012



New material! Man, Super Sculpey takes a bit of getting used to, Will be using it often at work so I thought about doing a trial run with it. This is a quickly sculpted and very small bust of Zetton from Crows/Worst that I did, no armature or skeleton underneath, just all Sculpey.

The stuff is very soft and malleable, but has a certain firmness to it that makes it ideal for this type of thing. Normally after this someone would bake their creation but I'm keeping this raw because we'll need every bit of clay for work and this guy might get broken down for a new sculpt. Sad, but until we get some more, that's the reality of it. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tiny Brushes

I plan to visit the art supplies store later to buy some stuff, most especially some brushes for detail work. Recently I finished painting the head on my Microforce Ninja Microman, since I'm sort of in the mood for that, but I don't like doing detail work on a handicap (with a round ended brush instead of a pointed 00 brush)

My most recent repaint, though after this picture I added some facial scars.

Really hard to get good details like eyes in there with just a Sakura 2/0 brush, it's killer on the joints.

Here are a couple more of the microman faces I've been painting.

I'm practically out of chrome heads to work with but I'm working out a deal with a friend from japan for some new "canvases" to paint on haha in exchange for some parts, hopefully enough to make a mold of the male microman body for some modified casts or bodyparts.
Like the connectors I made to turn Acro Elsa into Acro Sphinx

Just as well I've got a Microman Commander waiting for me come first week of December (though I think I paid too much for it).

I'm looking forward to a few getaways this December as well, one in Baguio and another in Hong Kong (again! Yay), actually starting to plan the places I'll visit for some good bargains or items.

...What was I talking about? Oh yeah, brushes. I'm buying new brushes later. Yes.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Sisters El

I was able to nab these today at a pretty affordable 1700 php (41 USD), I say affordable because they both cost around 20 each, which is reasonable for me. Unfortunately while one item was in stellar condition, the other was scuffed and had worn chrome on the face, I've never had luck with the micro sister line so surprise, surprise it was El who had the damage.

Of course my first instinct was to paint it so I went ahead and painted El's face as well as Elsa's. 

The results aren't bad though it shows me that  I need to buy finer brushes again since it was daunting to paint the facial details with my old brushes. The lack of fine control means I'll be visiting the hobbyshop soon.

come to think of it I really dig the flesh tone look on the faces of my microforce Micromen. And I've seen a few stellar examples from Japanese painters that really makes me want to try it on ALL of my microforce figures.

Hmm. We'll see :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Just a few more pieces and she'll be up and running soon. Surprised at how sturdy the stuff is too, definitely ideal for this project. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Honey Flash!

Just a preview of things to come. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012