Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fixing a Broken Blade

No, sorry not a tutorial for that kind of blade, but a repair tutorial for the SIC Kiwami Tamashii Kamen Rider Blade. Why fix it? Because this happened when i played with the damn thing for a bit:

The support peg of the ball joint, embedded into the torso that connects the pauldron to the body is ridiculously easy to break.  And on a side note inhibits the range of motion on the arm somewhat.

The fix I did, was thanks to a suggestion of a friend of mine who wanted to try it out on his Kamen Rider Garren figure. I took a 3mm drill and made a hole in the area of the shoulder directly below where the pauldron would sit that would serve as a socket for the new mounting joint, then I took a piece of spare STiKFAS ball pegs and made a 2.5mm hole in the pauldron--being careful to avoid breaking through to the other side--and stuck the new peg inside with the ball joint facing out. then it was only a matter of adjusting the peg's length before i glued the flat side down.

And it worked! 

Somewhat. The friction keeping the ball joint in place needed to be tighter so instead of 3mm I'd suggest 2.8, with the drill bit heated a little to keep the new hole tight and smooth. Otherwise you'll need to coat the ball joint in a few layers of Future Finish sealant first to tighten it and keep it from falling loose.

 The mod offers a wider range of motion than originally possible for the stock figure, 

And even allows him to raise his arms in front of him with no trouble.

So in retrospect, everything worked out in the end. All that's left is painting the joints to match the color of the figure. Well I hope this helps you out if the same thing happens to your Kiwami Tamashii Blade, or any other figure with similar construction. This was a fun experiment to try!

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