Saturday, October 8, 2011

fixing Garren shoulders

Man.  The redesigns for the Kamen Rider Blade suits into SIC Kiwami Tamashii figures really lacks a good range of movement in the shoulders. Anyway Garren's didn't snap off like Blade's did but I wanted to be safe about it and did a mod to them anyway:

so what I did in the first pic was basically:
  1. Cut off the ball joint post.
  2. Drill a 1mm hole in its place.
  3. Drill another hole where the ball joint would have mounted.
  4. Took some metal wire (the ones that were used to secure Garren in the package) and cut a small length of it, twisting the two ends of the wire into a plug shape before melting the plastic around it and shaping it into a peg.
  5. I glued one end into the hole in the shoulder armor.
  6. Then attached the other end to the hole in the main body.

And here's what it looks like done. Almost looks like nothing was done to the shoulders at all...

...Until you move the arms forward (which the original figure couldn't do before).

You can even have him aim upwards now.

you can apply the same mod to Blade as an alternative to the ball joint method I posted  before. it's cleaner and you don't have to look for the materials beyond what is already included with your figure. 
 Hope this helps you SIC kiwami tamashii collectors out there!

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