Thursday, October 6, 2011


Okay, damn. That was fun and refreshing, I'm feeling more motivated to continue commissions.

More pics over the weekend, when I buy another Agito ground form (not another agito)

Guess I'll take a shot at making Gills next. 

I admit there are some things i'd like to  improve on, but for an exercise in going back to a regular customizing beat after an on and off season and just feeling really jaded, this isn't half bad, on subsequent Kiwami Tamashii customs I'll strive for sharper sculpts and more intricate details.

Gotta admit it's the fabrication and addition of details that really makes me giddy when I work (as it has always been) and to try something new or try a different line from the ones i'm used to (transformers, GI Joe, Marvel) as well as to research similar things being done in my chosen project's field (those modelers on fg-Site, a primarily japanese model gallery, really insipred me) makes the challenges a little worthwhile.

time to hop off my soapbox, and jump back into the workshop!

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