Tuesday, October 25, 2011

messy, messy palette

I am completely a noob when it comes to painting with a palette instead of  my regular paint pots.
Anyway, Deunan is pretty much finished, and just needs an inkwash, but man she's pretty aquamarine. I used only four main colors to paint up her body armor (three Vallejo and one Citadel), namely-
Goblin Green
Dark Blue
Silver Grey
Chaos Black

You can see the shades I mixed up below, 

(those are different shades, I swear.)

And as for the flesh for the neck and fingers it was just light flesh and cadmium flesh mixed to match the plastic color of her face which was left unpainted.

I did this in under two nights and it felt like my paint was going to dry at any moment, which is why I'm motivated to buy or make my own Wet palette to preserve some of my  mixed colors because I ended up mixing colors twice and switching around the colors on parts of the body. I'm at least glad the paints I used can self-level themselves.

final pics will be up soonish. 

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