Monday, October 17, 2011

the things you find while taking a walk.

I can't think. I really can't think and this is a bad start for the week. I felt a little terrible getting up today and for the rest of the day I felt a bit bogged down. So I decided to take a walk, but that didn't help and I came home with this:

Bought it on the novelty of finding a Figma in a bargain bin (and for just 250php/ $5 too!) , really.  Babby's first--incomplete--Figma. 

Stuff I assume to be missing: part of the hair, her hair bun, some alternate hands, an alternate face and a stand (duh).  Well it's neat but i'm giving it to a friend by the end of the week, I figure it's going to a good home.  Now here's another thing that came around last Saturday, but pushed back posting about it until I could  address her little problem:

Meet Microlady Asuka.
 She's missing part of her hair.

Now if I hadn't  used the hair from the other Asuka head I owned there would be no problem but unfortunately it was used for a custom. So I thought of another solution that I applied on Chun-Li. Easier said than done right? well, almost. I couldn't find a head on hand that was the right size and when I did it had a hat (now that I think about it, Imma' go back for it). My headache was getting worse so I went for the one I thought would be the closest to that size:

And it still ended up a tad big.

This new head, it fits but seems to make the figure look more caricatured. Well the good news is that there are likely to be more appropriately sized sculpts out there and Evangelion shit is a dime a dozen because it's almost always lumped in with Naruto and One piece or Bleach crap in the flea markets so I could easily resell the gashapon figure the head originally came from. 

For now though, I guess it will have to do. 

Well now, after writing all that down... I still  feel under the weather. Bah! I think I'll lie down for a bit.

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