Saturday, October 22, 2011

Micro Action Asuka--Normal Clothes ver. (2005)

Where to begin with this figure. Well she's uh, she has a nice dress and the civilian look is pretty cool. popping her head off and letting other characters use the body seems like a nice bonus, but in regards to Asuka herself...
(I look at this and I try not to describe her as DERP DERP DERP)
She really could have been better, and to my knowledge she did with two subsequent figures in plugsuit version (the other one I have), and school uniform version. 
Her proportions seem weird with the big shoulders, tiny head with blank, Rei-like expression, and loooong looking arms but the latter might be because of a short looking torso with the skirt raising the hip a little too high. Another thing I don't dig is the tan color on her chest, which isn't matched at all with the rest of her pale complexion. But since i'm going to use this body as a spare body to slap other headsculpts on, I guess I'll try to fix that with some paint.

The color of the skirt dirties real easily, and I don't dig yellow dresses that much but it's cute.

I do appreciate her ability to look up though,

And it's all thanks to her hinged hair. Pretty nice touch, really.

In regards to articulation, it's pretty limited around the hip area. It's a shame actually, since I wanted her to do sitting poses.  I might just opt for making a felt skirt like the one I made for Sakura, with that at least I can keep the skirt from climbing up the waist when posing her, and the folds would look natural when I do sit her down on some prop chair or any other sittable surface. 

In terms of Accessories, aside from a base and the spare hands, she also comes with a plush--

-and this watch that I just realized was on the wrong hand up until this pic above. 

Is Asuka normal clothes version worth getting?

yeeeaaaa--not really. If you intend to complete your Microman Evangelion collection that's fine, or if you want to use her body (which sounds so wrong when out of context) on other figures that's cool too, but as it is she's totally skippable. Bought her for  400php (9 bucks) which is decent but really could be lower. 

Just as an aside here she is with the plugsuit Asuka with the gashapon head.

and what she'd look like with the gashapon head. 

My search goes on for finding a perfect headsculpt for her!

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