Sunday, April 24, 2011

HALO- Reach: Kat-B320, and some Elites

my first HALO Reach custom:

and some Elites:

Elite Major

Spec-Ops Elite

Saturday, April 16, 2011

money sinks

i have never played any HALO game ever and yet recently i found enjoyment with these things:

i can probably attribute it to a couple of things, like buying packs with several figures which makes army building rather cheap, cross-toyline compatibility:

the block construction aspect and my loving Arby 'n' the Chief. but one of the best things i like about these guys are the well detailed sculpts. really Mega brands has this down to an aesthetic that i like, but some people shy away from it exactly because of that. (because let's face it, as good as articulated brick figures they made were, Pyrates--and to a degree their Pirates of the Carribean line looked like freaky midgets).

but with sci-fi or fantasy figures which generally obscure the faces like Dragons and Dragons Universe it works. hell at one point they even turned dragons into something akin to gaming minis. it's that exact quality which lead me to customize a few, and th familiarity with their detailed sculpts to gaming pieces that I started this thing:

i think that's the reason it appeals to me, they're so easy and fun to mod.

 and the fact that i can mod so many with so few things at my disposal as opposed to my usual shit of Transformers, GI Joe or whatever the fuck else i get my grubby, paint-stained hands on, kinda make gratification happen quicker.
i'm sticking to their Halo line, it has a lot of potential and seems fun enough for me, i just wish we had as wide a selection here as the 'mericans do with their targets, walmarts and TRU's.