Wednesday, October 26, 2011

card games

This took up my morning. Anyway last night I made a post about getting some image files of some rider cards from JEFusion, and I printed out a good sheet of the rouse cards as well as a set of advent cards for Ryuki  (when I buy him) and Knight. thanks to their size I was able to make several sets of each that I can use for spares or to give to some of my friends.

 Cutting and pasting the decks for my self though took a while, but it kinda paid off.

Printed these out of sturdy card paper, so they're not flimsy 

Even managed to find a use for this little medicine box...

The rouze cards seemed more intricate so I tried getting the size small enough to still look that they fit the scale of the figures but at the same time they'd still be distinguishable from one another.  The advent cards on the other hand are smaller and simpler:


These things were pretty fun to make, and got me motivated to look for book and magazine templates to print out as well... And make some joke advent and rouze cards.

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Anonymous said...

can you post the image of rouze cards in the small size? i kinda need that for my sic figure thanks