Sunday, October 16, 2011

Microman Aaron and Gurren (quick review)

Okay I'm not gonna pretend I know more about these characters other than they're on VOTOMS but I will tell you what exactly made me buy this mail-away exclusive set. Three things:
  1. It was being offered at 400 pesos ($9 ).
  2.  I'm a Microman whore.  
  3. They look pretty amusing.

By amusing I mean that they're twins and they remind me of the twins in Superjail. So yes, I bought these on sight. 

They're not bad really, using the 2007 microman 'smart' body makes them resistant to easy breakage plus their colors look pretty stylish. Their wardrobe is hilariously 80's SF and made of soft pvc.

Unfortunately this does hinder their leg articulation because they can't kick. The picture above is the range of motion available to their hips.

Did I mention their headsculpts look funny and and the skintone is off? Personally it only matters when I point it out but other than that I'm more concerned about their expressions which look positively mischievous.

Aside from the usual Microman Stand and spare hands they come with binoculars:

...And what I assume to be their pet.

Articulation is decent for Microman, their colors look neat and they have a lot of character despite me being clueless, its easy to imagine them as scheming, which makes it fun whenever I want to take pics of them.

Worth getting? Only if you can find them for cheap. Or if you already have the rest of the Microman VOTOMS lineup. 

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Will88 said...

Awesome review and great pictures!