Monday, February 7, 2011

i miss beer.

i need to stash some at home, not to start a habit but i enjoy the feeling. social drinking is pretty funny with people you like to hang out with, and all the shit we say while wasted seems hilarious in the moment, and once I sober up I realize how loud and obnoxious I am but meh, i'm too stuck up when I'm alone anyway. and when i'mout there in the world i can be a jerk, truly a jerk to other people but i see no need for regrets for it, apologies maybe but what has been done is done and if we can get along after that then cool, we can hang out.

i want to share a story of a missed opportunity (and a very immature bet) i had today. while hanging out with my friends, i saw through one of the windows of  Timezone (the arcade) a pretty girl with short hair and pink rimmed glasses in a light-blue top, shorts and kneesocks (i think they were kneesocks) hell bent on getting a high score on the Dance Dance Revolution machine. my instant attraction did not escape the notice of my peers and they also took interest in this girl, and she became the topic of the moment.

how old was she, we wondered. fifteen? "thirteen."sixteen"

wanna bet?

next thing we knew we were pulling out twenty peso bills from our pockets. already at a loss with a thinned out wallet it was all that i could wager but i really wanted to know at least something about her. she was cute.

"fifteen" and i placed my bet.

so the four of us walked inside i could remember the noise of the arcade machines and the sounds of people having fun but my focus was elsewhere,  waited for her to finish her set. and one of my friends walked up to her and asked her age.


"FUCK YES!" my arms were in the air like i just finished a marathon in first place ranking, for a moment people stopped and stared and it scared the hell out of the girl in blue i bet,one of my friends saluted me and reached out for a brofist which i happily obliged.

i ended up 80 pesos richer that night. the girl went back to her DDR as if nothing happened, and i realize i'm a creep,  and if i had half the suave of Robert Downey Junior i would have went to McDo, bought a Mcfloat and leave it by her on the DDR machine with a puppy postcard that would have said:

sorry and thank you, miss X you made me win a bet that shouldn't have happened and i really think you're cute, no disrespect meant towards you and i may think that you're lucky. signed- The creep in a black shirt and glasses with a red backpack.

was the 80 pesos worth that bet? no not really, but it gave me a moment to think, i need a change in life. this isn't to say my life sucks right now, to be honest it's so-so but not sucky. but i need to be sharper with opportunities and how to react to the moment. i need to stop being awkward, and i dunno how it can be right now but i think the 80 pesos just set me to the right track.