Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ore...Sanjou! Motion Revive Den-O Review

Honesty time. Den-O never appealed to me as a show but hot damn, his toys are really something. One that I have yet to get myself is his awesome looking SIC Kiwami Tamashii figure, and another would be his motion revive figures. 

Before I had some of his other forms (wing and gun forms) as well as zeronos altair but they never really stuck with me. When I bought my "Best Selection" set in HK and it included this guy, I was much more interested in his partner Momotaros than him and decided, "hell why not, maybe one of my firends might appreciate him better". But once I opened him though I found him very enjoyable. 


Den-O comes with two pairs of hands and a thumb-out hand as well as his dengasher. The numerous hands make for a very expressive figure, though the inclusion of fists would have been nice.  

He has a great range of motion! everywhere except for any lateral motion on his shoulders, something hindered by his shoulder armor. The KT got around this by having the pads on hinges, with the MRS, you don't get that kind of mileage. It limits how much he can swing his sword but for everything else, he's aces!

Man, I REALLY love the kind of silver they use for these figures. It's near chrome. The glossy red is a tad loud though. And like most of the line, no paint flaws.

His details are very well sculpted though the head looks very awkward, especially the eyes. Some customizers fixed this by replacing it with an HDM or similar statue head but I'm too lazy and I don't care enough about him to do that ( I may consider it for kuuga though lol).

Ah, Dengasher. Lovely weapon, and like all MRS weapons expect to not have a really solid grip on it. 

It stays on with the aid of both hands though but as mentioned before, you can't actually swing it around in a natural looking way. 

Den-O is slightly bigger than kabuto but not by much, since It's still a little shorter than some modern Joes. 

Good Paint, nice articulation, good amount of accessories, Den-O here is a very cool toy. 

It was pretty unexpected how much I'd like this guy and now I kinda regret giving him away. But at least I know the guy I'm giving it to won't sell it. Good figure, and deserving of the inclusion in this "Best Selection" wave of MRS. 

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