Monday, July 9, 2012

Clock-Up! Motion Revive Kabuto Review

Mah Boi! Let me tell you about walking the path of heaven. 

Okay, so I'll start this week of Kamen Rider reviews with Kabuto here. Now I've owned several kabuto-related MRS Riders in the past (Gattack, Punch Hopper, Drake, Dark Kabuto), each one going to someone else's collection, mostly because the rider designs never appealed to me, except for the Hopper Brothers and TheBee--which I don't own.
But having the main rider in-hand I have to say that I like him, though not by much. 

He's pretty sparse in the accessories department, but what he does have are essentials. A signature pointing hand, his Kabuto Kunai Gun/Axe, and Kabuto Kunai.  All of which you need to cut from a Soft PVC Sprue

Sculpt-wise this figure is pretty detailed. I like how his entire look is captured well in this mini toy form, with the sharp, glossy paintjob on the non-black parts. There are a few details missing but that's expected from a candytoy, but even for that, the paint apps are a lot. 

It's like a happy medium between the gimmicky toys like Module-on Fourze figure/kits and the HDM mini statues.

Something I sorely miss these days. 

His articulation is pretty well-done. Even as a 4-year old figure he out-does a lot of what's out there in the 1/18 market *cough*marvel universe*cough*. More modern joints like ankle rockers and wrist ball joints or swivels would bring this toy much closer to being a keeper for me. But what also kills me about this fig is that despite being a nimble little sonovabitch, he's also a tad badly proportioned. Something that affects about 70% of this set.  the longish arms and the widened shoulders do help in achieving flexibility but just standing still, Kabuto looks awkward.

Strange, considering the costume design is not exactly as restrictive as say, Den-O but it's still one of the best 1/18 or close scaled renditions of Tendou out there. 

His Kunai Gun/Axe is one solid black piece of plastic.

The gun-mode is very nice, and I wish It had as many paint-apps as the Kunai. 

The Kunai isn't too bad as well, fairly detailed and lightly painted up it's a cool looking weapon. 

Sadly, the grip on the open hands are horrible, and if you even so much as bat an eye at the weapons they fall off the goddamn hands. Argh.

Height-wise he's slightly smaller than the newer joes, and way shorter than the MUs out there, but he's close to the height of most ROC and 25th Joe figures as well as Star Wars. 

Overall Kabuto is a neat, well painted figure. He comes with a compliment of accessories and an extra hand that lets him do his signature pose. He'd benefit from more hands, IMO, as well as slightly shorter arms. If you find him, nab him. Unlike when you have a different kabuto rider in your roster you might feel obligated to buy the others to keep them company (which is hard to do these days), but Kabuto here does well enough as a stand-alone figure, and you don't have to worry about finding him complete due to the scant number of stuff he comes with, If he has 2 hands then you're good to go!

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