Sunday, July 8, 2012

22 years.

Celebrated my birthday last week in Hong Kong ( gonna talk about that in a different post) last week and brought home a lot of neat stuff, mostly for my 1/18 collection. Sadly, no Joes were found, but my rider ranks just doubled a bit. 

First up, a complete set of Motion Revive Kamen Rider: Best Selection series. I FINALLY have my most wanted 1/18 scaled kuuga and its the form I wanted as well. On a related note, I'm getting a 1/18ish scaled Beat Chaser next week so yay, Kuuga now has a ride! I really dig all of these guys but I'm only keeping Hibiki, Kuuga, and Kiva. Before I give the rest to my friends though, Expect a week of Motion Revive Reviews from me lol. 

I also found these dudes, the Module On Fourze candy toy figures. Aside from having really cool swappable modules and fairly good articulation, these guys are about the same size as Micromen and Motion Revive. Something that kept me from buying the OOO combo change candy toys from a year back. All in all, I was so impressed by these guys that I decided to paint some of their details. 

This one though, was a total surprise. Albeit incomplete I still love the fact that I managed to buy a Revoltech Chun-Li for a cheap price (30 HKD or 160 PHP). Hell yeah!

This is one figure I also love. By default, my first Hot Toys figure, the Snap-Kit Deunan Knute from Appleseed Ex Machina (which is scaled at 1/20) was fun to build. It has a sturdy, hard PVC feel to it and is very well-detailed. Surprisingly it's almost similar to the Yujin 1/18 version except better looking. 

Ah, probably one of my most pleasant hauls, is this Figma Drossel (Fireball Charming Ver.). She comes with an array of parts and accessories which I'll discuss in a later review.  

Dat Ass...

There are a few other things I got here and there while I was on vacation, but they'll probably get mentioned another time.

Looking forward to a good week ahead!

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