Thursday, July 12, 2012

Train, Everyday: Motion Revive Hibiki Review

Hello Day 4. Today we have Motion Revive Hibiki up for review.

Opening thoughts for this figure:
seemed better on paper.

Hibiki as a figure is a very nice rendition of our drum demon guy, retaining all those nice details, making it a good companion to the SIC Kiwami Tamashii

But, there are a few flaws with it, in my eyes. 

First of all the accessory count is very small. Aside from the parts that attach to his waist, all he comes with are his drumsticks (Ongekibou Rekka) and a completely silver Armed Saber.
It would have been nice if he came with alternate hands or at least one molded for his "salute" pose. 

He's probably the most detailed figure in this series and that works for him there's a lot of eyecandy, even if there are very basic paint apps. If they used a better shade of violet it might show better. 

Of course the chest and face details are the most extensively painted. Again you see that beautiful semi-chrome silver they've been using, and the dull gold for the oni crest. The red really stands out and helps to mark the borders of his face, which I find really nice. 

But being too detailed can be a bad thing. for one, the way his back and shoulders are sculpted it's impossible to get any good lateral movement on the shoulders. Another thing is that this figure suffers the same flaws as Kabuto: the arms are too long, and the neck seems too short. 

The Armed saber is well sculpted and it's surprising how much more solidly it can be gripped by the hands than the drumsticks themselves which is a shame, really. 

Height-wise, he's the same as Den-o or Momo. Maybe if the neck was longer the height would fare much better. 

Hibiki for me is the weakest in this wave, despite how good the toy looks overall. Articulation is a little hindered in places where it counts, and the unineteresting amount of gear he comes with only adds to the gripes I have. I'd stick with his SIC any day. 

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