Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ore...Sanjou! Part 2: Motion Revive Momotaros review

Despite my bias to Kuuga, the star of the best selection wave is definitely Momotaros. And I have several reasons why. 

But first let me just say that there are a few things that might have made him better.
  1.  Not having his Momotarosword permanently grafted to his hand.
  2. Neutrally posed hands.

Other than that, Wow he's pretty amazing. the hands he does come with are pretty unique. There's a pointing hand with an open palm hand that complements it, A neutral open palm, his Momotarosword hand, and last but not least, his awesome "mug" hand. 

All these make for great and fun poses when you try them out. The Mug hand alone does it for me, and goddamn, I wish more figures had hands holding mugs for no for no good reason.

And that's something helped along by his unhindered articulation.

Momotaros here succeeds in being a well sculpted figure with reasonably nice proportions overall and still manage to be amusingly fun to pose! most of what you can put him in looks very natural and thanks to his armored look, the joints don't stick out too badly. 

He's just so fun!

Of course good joints and good accessories are only helped along with a great sculpt.
 Momo is very detailed and it shows. The design is really very intricate and it translated well in this form, and I can argue that momo is the most detailed figure next to Hibiki in this wave. 

The paint applications are flawless. Sure, it's a tad glossy but it's almost if not entirely complete. If there are some parts that were left out it's hardly noticeable. 

The height is... well at this point you already know. 

Great articulation, with good accessories, and a striking sculpt of a memorable character, Momotaros is  definitely worth looking for and getting. 

Best damn figure in the entire wave. 

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