Sunday, July 22, 2012

START UP! S.I.C. Kiwami Tamasii Faiz Axel Form Review

Oh, I've been waiting to do this for a loooong time...


...No wait that sounds wrong.

Anyway, here's a long overdue review of one of my favorite power-up forms for Faiz, Axel Form.

I like it because it's pretty much a self-contained system, needing only the Faiz watch (and mission memory) as an add-on. None of that satellite form changing bullshit Blaster form has.

From a figure standpoint it's a pretty smart move, because you can recycle a lot of detail from the original, changing only the chest and left hand. But to be honest though, I would prefer that the chest armor be able to swivel like its full SIC counterpart, just for the novelty of recreating the "REFORMATION" sequence after the Axel form is spent. 

The figure itself is really nice, with a more vibrant silver than that on Faiz normal, and it makes the photon streams stand out more than the older red photon streams.

Detailing is superb, especially with the new parts, The chest in particular. It could use a bit more painted detailing on some panels and parts to really bring out the tech greeble and more variety in the metallic colors but as it is, It's still very fun to look over.

the gear he comes with isn't really much: Alternate hands, removeable Faiz phone, Faiz shot and pointer, Faiz edge, and hey! Smart Brain suitcase.

The faiz edge is still similar to the original release: very flaccid looking. 

the suitcase is a nice prop which opens up so you can store some parts inside, but...

I wish it actually had a working hinge on it. The way it just splits in two halves is somewhat disappointing.

range of motion is the same as the base form  and surprisingly even with the new shoulder pads, it doesn't drastically hinder the range of motion the original figure had. AT ALL!

It can still do the signature faiz poses flawlessly...

And the rider kick.

Overall? Faiz Axel is worth getting, even as a stand-alone figure, his look really appeals to me and the contrasting color choices, I wish he came with more stuff though, like a Faiz shot hand or regular fist hands. 

Surprisingly fun like the base form and a must for fans out there. I'd actually suggest nabbing him before the other forms, but that's just me. 

He's hard to find nowadays, and I have no idea how that happened but nowadays he goes for P1,400 (33USD) but I am SO glad I got mine for free as a birthday present! For the rest of the faiz fans who want this guy, well you know the drill. You never know when you might get lucky and someone sells it for  P500 (12USD), just keep looking.

All you need to do is to "OPEN YOUR EYES FOR THE NEXT FAIZ!"

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