Sunday, July 8, 2012

Jubilee Repairs

I got a Marvel Universe Jubilee as a birthday gift from a friend (thanks Kyle! ), and I was pretty stoked. But as with any Hasbro toy you'll never get everything you want in a figure. The flaws this one had were the ludicrously long legs, and the derpy wall-eyed head. So I decided to fix the legs first. 

You need to cut below the knee/boot swivels first, and this is mostly guesswork but do try to leave some space when you cut so you won't risk damaging the leg or ankle joint. 

Next take a pin vise (2.5mm) and drill in the middle of the cut calf stump, be careful as again this is the spot right below the boot cut joint's peg is located. 

Then drill into the middle of the cut ankle/foot, be mindful of the ankle rocker joint when you drill.

Next, cut a length of plastic tube (from a sprue), making sure it's the exact diameter as the holes you drilled. 

 Glue the new peg into the leg. This will serve as structural support when you glue the other half back on.

When you glue both parts together you will end up with this.  At this point you have two options: you can carve away at the upper calf until it matches the lower part then sand smooth, or you can choose to be more careful and progressively wetsand (100-300-600-1200 grit) the parts until they are even. 

Either way you will end up sanding down the leg part until it all results to a smooth shape

At this point you should just smooth it all out with 1200-2000 grit sandpaper to bring back the even, factory texture and lightly paint the parts in flat black. And you're done!

The new modifications are immediately apperent. 

now her height is much better.


Dr Syn said...

I love it. Sexy Tutorial too, I'm sick of every Marvel and Joe figure of the fairer sex being the same height as each other or as the men.

Time to shake it up and have all heights. This will also mean Slave Leia wont be a complete midget compared to everyone else.

Miko Matsing said...

would it kill hasbro to have at least 3 basic female body types?