Friday, July 13, 2012

WAKE UP! : Motion Revive Kiva Review

I know next to nothing about Kiva, and stayed away from the series out of the advice of some friends. But when I first saw the rider design, I admit it was definitely something I liked.

From the vested look to the chains, and the ever winning color combination of red and black, he looks pretty badass. (INB4 LOL EMO/MCR FAG)

And the toy looks seriously nice. Jointage is wekk hidden or integrated, the sculpt pops, the colors are sharp. It's a well made mini-Kiva. 

He only comes with one alternate hand and an open Hell's Gate leg but I think it's fine. Fists could have been nice but what he has, works. 

This is probably the most extensive use of that semi-chrome silver on any of the figures in this line. One thing that would have made it better is to use a duller silver for the chains. 

Kivat there could use some more color though. Again they used the gummy red paint that looks far too toyetic.  The overall sculpt of the chest though is wonderful. It's broad enough to not make the shoulders look like they stick out, and gives a really buff feel to the figure. 

His articulation is good where it counts and he can do most of his signature poses unhindered, which I definitely consider a strength for the figure.

That is a lot of red on the Hell's Gate leg, happily broken up by the inclusion of some metallic green and black, but again, maybe reduce the gloss on the red or use metallic read and it'll be pretty nice. 

Now this is a surprise. He's actually as tall as a modern Joe. It probably has to do with how big his legs are, or how high his torso sits. That's another plus for the figure right there. 

Kiva is a pretty awesome figure. Though his complimentary accessories are minimal, they're pretty sufficient for him.  Nicely applied paints, reasonably articulated body to boot.  If you find one, grab it. 

Gotta find a bike for this guy. 

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