Saturday, July 14, 2012

NO FEAR! NO PAIN! : Motion Revive Kuuga Review

Ah, my favorite rider. You may recall (ah who am I kidding, no you don't) that last year I made a Microman Kuuga figure because I couldn't find the motion revive anywhere. Well fate smiled at me on my birthday and I found him. Along with the other guys I've been reviewing all week. 

Kuuga isn't the greatest figure in the entire line though but he's not terrible either. 

What do you give a guy whose base form is basically lacking in any remarkable accessory?

You give the guy alternate hands. And boy there are a lot. 
You can see about three pairs and one thumbs up hand (best of the lot) these are way more hands than any of the figures he was packaged with had and it really makes him a bit more expressive.  There are the henshin hands, his thumbs up hand, a pair of fists and some neutral open hands. The rising form version only had the henshin/chopping hands If I recall, which is what the normal Mighty Form has over it. 

The sculpted details on him are nice. Yes the look is very basic, but it's nice too see stuff like detailing on the belt and runes on the golden chest collar. The belt in particular was very fun to paint.

You definitely will not have a problem getting him into his signature poses, because since there is almost nothing to hinder the articulation on this guy. 

My complaint is something common with the rest of the riders in this line: the shoulders stick out a little. But that's a minor gripe with Kuuga here. 

He stands slightly taller than the others, just like Kiva.  And I'd say he has a good height for inter-toyline playability. 

One detail they could have included are the runes on the soles of his feet. something that might have completed his look. 

Overall, Kuuga is a great figure, definitely deserves to be in the Best Selection set, not only as the first heisei rider, but as a really fun figure. Glad to have finally found him and definitely never giving him away. 

And this concludes a week of Motion Revive Kamen Rider reviews! Thanks for sticking around for the thing, probably never did weekly things in my three years of doing this so it was very fun.

Also we're a day short. I'm thinking of what to review on Sunday, it'll either be the candy toy figures or the SIC KT Faiz Axel I got as a gift from a friend.


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