Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kuuga surprise!

Ah man, Been expecting this all week. Worked out a custom deal with a friend: I make him a Microlady Naomi for his Den-O figures, and I can trade it for some items. When I saw this bike and got Kuuga I really needed it. 

I really like it! One thing that amused me though is the fact that it's a mix between Beat chaser and Tri-chaser. The front part is from the Beat chaser, while the rest of it is Tri-chaser painted black.

I find it mildly funny. 

When Kuuga is riding it it seems a hair small, but it doesn't really bother me much so it's passable. 

The guy was so nice, he gave me two of these guys. Of course, the one that looks less banged up is the one Kuuga is riding. Might end up restoring the other one sometime though. 

On a related note: I recently bought myself an HDM kuuga, thinking I could harness some parts for the Motion Revive figure but it ended up too big. Still, it's a very nice statue. 

Those eyes and that belt really do it for me. Some paint flaws here and there but a really well made statue. 

These purchases made my day, and it only got better when I learned that SIC Kiwami Tamashii Kuuga Just got released in Japan.

Only a matter of time before I get mine.

If I'm motivated enough, expect a Rising Mighty, Amazing Mighty and Growing form repaints. 

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