Monday, September 22, 2014

micro-painting (again!)

So sorry for the lack of updates, but I decided to pop in to make a quick follow-along project. 

This Torohachi kit was originally from the Bandai Summer Customize Campaign Parts (set F). I really just wanted this petite MS and not the weapons it came with so I'm selling those off later.


I started by removing excess plastic under its arms with a pin vise, so that most of the arm would be free-hanging. I didn't fill the gaps behind the propellant tank/ thrusters however since I wanted to finish this paintjob quickly. 

After removing the seams on the dome I applied some DS 3000 Gray Primer to smoothen it out. 

I didn't have any construction yellow so I mixed one up with white, dark/sand yellow, and a bit of orange.

two to three coats later it's fully colored in yellow.

I gave the entire thing a gloss coat to protect it from the enamel washes later on. 

It was at this point that I decided to get the dome out of the way first so I can just paint the details later. I used Vallejo Model color dark blue, Model Air White, and Model Air Dark Grey-Blue for this, thinned down with pledge wipe and shine, and used 5/0 and 00 brushes to apply them. 

Started painting the dome with a mix of the blue-grey and dark blue...

..gradually adding more dark blue to the second coat...

...then adding a bit of white to the dark blue...

...and increasing the lightness of the dark blue by adding white, until it was a really pale sky blue...

... Then finishing with a mix that was almost white with a hint of blue in it to blend. 

I covered this up with clear gloss then proceeded to paint the other details. 

Lastly, I gave the Torohachi a dark-brown panel wash and flat coat, and several more coats of gloss to the dome (after the first layer dried overnight)

View the full Gallery Here: Moki Plamo-1/144 TOLRO-800

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