Thursday, September 20, 2012

On Sculpting and Parts Making

Copy-pasting a post I made on my facebook pertaining to how I sculpt:

1. Tools and general tips:

Sculpting tools. the ones I use a lot are mostly the hand-made ones lol

A. Hobby knife for cutting and making sharp/even edges.

B. BBQ Sticks with flat sanded edges for general shaping and manipulating the epoxy putty

C. Engraving tools to smoothen or add indents on surfaces and make raised designs.

General tips for epoxy sculpting:

use powder to keep the putty from sticking to your hands or tools

general shaping can be done 5-10 minutes after putty has been mixed and applied

for refining shapes or making designs wait until the putty becomes a little firmer and is no longer sticky.

for harder edges and sharper lines, you can make them when the putty is really firm and no longer malleable but not rock hard. Use the knife to carve sharp edges from the putty.

You can do repairs on your sculpt or make it sharper after it has fully set, by using strips of sandpaper to sand down the sculpt into the shape or texture you want.

any questions? throw them at me I'll try my best to answer them.


Anonymous said...

can you give an example of the epoxy putty that you use? I only saw the clear one. I'm afraid I might end up buying the wrong one.

miko tizon said...

well for the foreign market there are the following:

Apoxie, Milliput and Games Workshop Greenstuff. there's also tamiya 2-part putty.