Wednesday, March 23, 2011

tiny mods to generations wheeljack

i love my generations wheeljack to bits! aside from jazz he's one of the guys i wanted for my classics collection since it started so i'm glad we finally got him. but i couldn't get over how damn wide he was. so i tried out a mod i saw applied to tracks, and decided to use it with him basically refer to the picture below:

nce you open up the chest piece by unscrewing the 4 screws holding him together in the back you'll see the front part connected to the car roof is a sliding groove that attaches to the shoulder of the arms.

you cut the nubs that slide the shoulders in place during transformation, then glue them to their default position in car mode. but you will need to saw some parts down to provide clearance for the head to slide up.

when finished and done up right you'll end up with a slightly less chest-wide wheeljack. and the mod doesn't interfere with his transformation to boot. now if only he was taller.

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