Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jet parking

About a week or so ago I said I messed up the Eurofighter JF-90 I was doing, so I decided to bust out its counterpart, the Rafale M which went together a bit smoother (although I broke the refueling tube about three frickin' times). Anyway, I finished the Rafale today, and took just one photo of it for documentation. I'll do the full gallery some other time.

Meanwhile here's a clearer pic of the F-16, that was also finished recently. I do have some gallery pics, but I'm thinking of adding a few more before I post up the full gallery ( I want to put it next to the previous falcons I did as well)

Speaking of falcons, here's another one, in Eggplane form. I'm just spending time building the pilot figure from scratch as I thought the stock pilot was too plain (heh puns). I tried following the box art illustrations while making her, and while not perfectly accurate it's alright for now.

next up: more Fulcrums!

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