Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Yeah I said I'd commit to my resolution of decreasing my backlog but I think I've done the complete opposite and bought more jets for myself.

Because I'm greedy like that. I think I should start an 1/144 Area 88 project except I'll need properly resized decals. I'll see about contacting Samueldecal about that. I would have wanted to paint the F-5E in Shin's colors at least but he pilots a Tigershark, and I've yet to acquire a kit of that from Mini Hobby Models.

I also have an incoming Saab Draken which I  plan on painting in Shin's colors and a PAK FA kit, both made in 1/144 scale by Pit-Road. Probably the most expensive plane kits I've ordered in this scale.

I did finish something at least:

My 1/144 Nothrop-Mcdonell Douglas YF-23 Black Widow II (PAV 2 colors) is done and mounted on a snazzy wood frame diorama, and I'll get around to posting the model pics (with corrected USAF markings) soon.

and I'm also in the process of finishing this guy:

This little pain in the ass kit is from Academy. It's their old 1/144 Panavia Tornado. I think this was good practice for me to get used to building swing-wing kits, so I don't mess up on the Tomcat. In retrospect it was pretty right for me to have picked up both on a visit to the hobby shop (just to buy glue!).

ah nuts, guess that backlog clearing will be a long way off but I hope to make some progress this year. or at the very least have some new shelves installed to house my Jet kits. 

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Faiye del Rosario said...

From Gunpla to model planes! Haha! These are awesome; my grandfather loves model planes and I showed some of your stuff to him. He's impressed!