Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A day's worth of work.

I didn't get to check papers, draw, review gunpla today because of this lol.

No regrets though, since it was worth the effort. Today was a day of firsts, first time to tackle an aircraft kit, first time masking a cockpit canopy for painting, and to try free handing camouflage with my airbrush, first time to attempt that in a tiny scale (1/144).

I almost finished, as of right now all that'd left are the bay doors, landing gear, pylons and weapons. But that's for another day. If I was any better at this I might (MIGHT) have finished this in 3 hours or less. But hey it's my first time haha.

Enjoy some progress pics.
Priming stage, used Daryl's Sprays Primer

First trial of the freehand camo scheme with my sprayworks basic Airbrush

Refined camo, with the canopy installed. 

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