Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stuff on the side.

Been working on this guy recently. Very much liking how this side-project is turning out.

This build is being done for a very lighthearted group build a few friends of mine thought up, and currently we're accepting a few more participants (up to 20). Anyway I used this as an occasion to continue with an idea I had last year about turning a GM into a gundam-type suit. I simplified the concept this time around, limiting myself only to a new head and some skirt parts, making this unit still switchable into it's old GM Sniper II configuration. I just opted to do a few more mods both for ease of painting, adding articulation and slightly tweaking the look of the unit.

Aside from the alternate Gundam head, it also has about 3mm extensions to the forearms, something inspired by the slim look of the GMs in the Light novel Blazing Shadow

Here's some additional articulation added to the ankles, which I adapted from a White Dingo build I saw in an issue of Hobby Japan 

And here's a mod to the beam rifle the custom unit will use, to make it easier to paint (and less of it to mask off.)

I'm thinking of making the unit's main color green with some dark gray for the limbs and maybe desert yellow for the vents and other panels. something similar to the GM Striker color scheme.

Anyway the deadline for this build is still far off (June, Toycon season) so I'm just taking my time with the modifications.

Oh and I finished this during the weekend,

 as usual I'm going to be lazy and post gallery pictures really late. I haven't even done a decent set for my other finished planes. Just not feeling up for documentation for some reason. 

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