Saturday, February 15, 2014


Been busy for the past few weeks, and I probably have a few finished stuff begging for some photo galleries (The Slug Flyer and Eri being the most recent), but for today though I got a very special package. 

They arrived!

And they blew a massive hole in my wallet. But I can definitely say Pit-Road kits are so worth the extra bucks I shelled out.

Holy shit, these kits are probably the best planes I've built in this scale. so easy to put together, the fit is near-perfect, and seems built for snap-building with sturdy construction and well-thought out options (they come with pilots and an optional flight stand!)

Of course, being on my Area 88 binge, I naturally started with the Saab Draken. But for this build I'm going for the Austrian Draken to familiarize me with the issues I'll deal with when I start Shin's Draken. (on a side note: I'm building a second version of the Tiger II using a Revell model, which is awesome and more fun to build than the Dragon Tiger II but let's leave that for another post.)

I started by adding detail to the cockpit, loosely basing it on reference pictures and bigger scaled Draken models made by other builders. 

Here's the tub painted up in basic green and grey for the panels.

And here's the tub installed in the fuselage. Hardly any gaps to fix in the 2 fuselage halves, I wish more kits were like this. 

Here's the pilot... which is blocking the details that I added to the cockpit tub... and I'm kicking myself in the nuts right now for suddenly realizing this. ARGH.

oh well, live and learn. 

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