Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A very busy month.

I forgot this thing existed again, lol. Seems I've left this place quiet for over a month. I have been busy though, I went back to making gunpla this past month and finished/started/stalled on some projects. I still need to do a full gallery for each but here's the list of things so far:

that one above is the 95% completed kit I did last month. I say 95% because it's still lacking a beam sniper rifle (which I hope I'll be able to grab on Thursday.

The next three are part of my Operation V set of builds, which includes the original three RX units in alternate color schemes.

The Guntank itself is complete. I've been meaning to take more pictures of it, but I'm waiting until I complete the team. 

The Guncannon is in the process of being finished. I modified the head quite a bit and added new hands, but other than that, nothing else, really. just a bit more polish, then it's off to painting. I'm probably going to paint this in earth colors or at least a less red-dominant color scheme. 

The Roll-out colors gundam has been complete for a while now, but I added a bit of mild weathering to it, as I'll be doing on all three Operation V builds. I really enjoy doing that part of modeling nowadays.

Then there's this Jack bayard GM (Jack the Halloween) I've been working on since Sunday, very happy with how the scratchbuilt hyper bazooka mount turned out. almost done, just needs to be decaled then lightly weathered.

And here's a Zaku II I worked on for a group build, (along with the sniper gundam above) went with darker greens for it, and did a few mods as well, mostly on the head and the waist area.

That's the stuff being worked on for now, there are a lot more here undocumented, but this about does it for a monthly blog entry. I hope I have more to write about in the coming weeks though.