Monday, February 3, 2014


Work needs to be done tonight! I'm running out of primer so I decided to start the process early lest I deplete my stuff on other kits/projects.

So in the above picture I've started work by priming Eri's parts. After having all the parts done in gray, I started to appreciate the detail of the sculpt, it really looks like the proper amount of "cartoony" while still being sharp, so I kinda want to do a really good job on this.

anyway, after the primer coat set, I airbrushed her in desert yellow in preparation for the hand painting process:

See I have this idea that the colors I want to paint her in will show in fewer coats if I use a brighter, but flat undercoat.

While that was drying I went ahead and detailed the cockpit tub of the slug flyer:

It's detailed quite decently and follows a simplified "chibi" format, even in the cockpit.

I'm at least glad I'll be able to look at it from time to time since the canopy is removable.

Though after installing it and sealing the two halves, I then had this idea to add seatbelts. There might still be a way to do that but I'll lleave that for later.

Anyway my hunch paid off, it seems. the colors are coming along quite nicely, though I didn't complete everything right-away. I'm a tad rusty at painting figures and would like to take time to retrace my steps.

just painting the eyes again after a year of not doing that on any figure was challenging. But I'm still glad it turned out decent. More updates as the week progresses!

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