Monday, December 3, 2012


Let's talk about vehicles since I bought a few recently,

First up is this Honda Hornet bike. It's scaled at 1:18 and made by a company named Welly. Other than that I know nothing about it, what I do know is that there are a lot of welly motorcycles at the mall, I actually bought another one but probably won't open it until I have the rider I want on it in-hand.

Welly has a lot of brands in their line, aside from Honda there's Suzuki, BMW, Kawasaki, Aprilla (another one I want) and many others all of which feature very clean decos, diecast parts, and amazingly clean finishes

Little details on the bike are wonderfully chromed and painted, giving this vehicle a lot of eye-candy

Aside from the stellar pearlescent paintjob what also catches my eye are the simple "honda" tampographs and the odometer. Really adds a lot of realism to this tiny model.

The goldish yellow color is really beautiful and complements the black and silver detailing.

The quality and simple colors really appeals to me and I forsee myself buying more of these Welly motorcycles. If only they came in more colors that complemented my Micromen though.

I'd really love to own a Kawasaki Ninja that was colored purple for my microforce ninja microman. 

...Of course the bike wasn't the only one I bought. 


This is a 1/20 scaled pull-back Diecast golf cart from some no-name company, and obviously I bought it for hilarity.

It hardly fits the already small Micromen, but it's a snug fit for microsisters

But everytime I look at one of the micromen riding on it, I enjoy it all the better.

Due to the really small space alloted for the driver, nothing short of multiple points of articulation will get any 1:18 figure in there, which is what makes it perfect for Microman figures, since they're probably the only ones with enough articulation to contort inside. 

More vehicles to come! 

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