Sunday, December 9, 2012



Man, I was hoping to get the Microforce Command Microman this month but the shop I ordered from gave me the wrong figure. Was kinda disappointed at first, no actually frustrated that they mixed it up, but then again it's not like I wasn't going to get this figure at some point. I just wanted to get more micromen because i have a lot of microladies already. 

In-hand she's not bad, actually she's tons of fun. the plastic feels solid and won't break with a bad glance, the weapons and gear all fit and store snugly on her person, and it's a good choice of weapons too (bazooka, assault rifle and combat knife) . I especially like details like how she can switch cartridges on her assault rifle and store them. Probably the only thing missing would be a pistol.

Went ahead and painted her face like I do with all my microforce figures, and I'm surprised by how pretty the face is underneath when I painted it, all that chrome kinda obscured it but now it's out in the open, and it's a very nice sculpt to me. 

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