Friday, December 14, 2012

Double (Rei)nbow, All The Way!

The first day of the Xmas Toyfair was dismal for me, nothing really new and interesting to take home, ended up buying another microman Rei Ayanami and a Blue Swat toy (pretty neat).

Funny story though, (and I just can't let this go because it's so out of the ordinary to me) someone used my name to obtain an item I've been wanting to get, actually an extra of the Rei and Asuka plugsuit set that I wanted to buy as a gift to a friend.

Well, my only consolation would be that I already got it for myself at a much more affordable price, but it boggles the mind how someone namedropped me to get a toy. Ah well, I'll look for something else for my friend when my family goes on vacation in Hong Kong this weekend (excited!).

The only other cool thing I bought from toyfair was this:

It's a neat little pod/car for a character in Blue Swat named "Gold Platinum". the set even comes with a simple figure of GP and his gun, but I'm using the pod itself for my Micromen.

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