Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I've decided to revive one of my unfinished builds from way WAAAAAY back (2009 I think?). I was discouraged at the time because I didn't think I had the skill competency to pull off a clean straight build, but now, I kinda feel like I can reach the finish I want for this model kit, which isn't actually anything spectacular, and quite basic. Another reason why I dug this little dude up is because today we recieved a little bit of news from the Gundam Build-Fighter site. 

sweet mother of God my prayers are answered.  We're FINALLY getting an HG Victory Gundam this November-December, with the V2 and F91 slated for release by next year. This makes me loads of happy since I always enjoyed the Victory designs and wanted an option other than the really old 90's kits that were made.

So what exactly am I expecting here? I know it won't be so tall, in fact I think it might be the same size if not slightly taller than the old kit I have out. And if that's the case this might even feature some newer, smaller polycaps (or i might be completely wrong and it will have NONE lol), more option parts to fill up the standard HG box--though it is doubtful since the estimated price adds up only to 560-700php.

From the pics alone though It looks to be very stocky and solid-looking. I look forward to taking comparison pics between the old kit and the HG. 

As simple and tiny as the old kit is, it has charm. So I look forward to completing this just in time for the arrival of its HG counterpart. I have very simple adjustments that need to be done, mostly involving filling in hollow space/gaps on the kit, because I want to maintain the majority of its vintageness (is that even a word?) so yes, absolutely minimal modification if ever. Why even attempt to give myself a headache when my dream kit is on the way, right?

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