Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Project log: NG Victory Gundam

Yes I'm using fancy titles from now on :-p

anyway mildly chilly weather is keeping me from doing anything other than priming so I decided to just document what I've done so far.

the kit has received very minor modding other than seams and sink marks being filled, and maybe raising the head by point-something millimeters, but I was lucky enough to find in my old scraps some alternate hands from a V-gundam custom set I bought long ago, in a distant land.

These include trigger hands, and open hands and one clenched fist, I still need to find the right-hand fist but that's for another day.

I also did some major gap filling--

But decided to keep it simple enough, again, for purpose of having a fair comparison with the upcoming HG

Stuff is coming along swimmingly, save for the painting front. Hopefully we'll get a little bit of sun next week so I can start painting.

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