Saturday, June 29, 2013

prime on, sand off

*two nights ago*

So, last night I willed myself into working on polishing up the Ver.Ka--sanding, seam-filling,re-priming, sanding(again) and many other tiny, tedious tasks--I've come to that point where it's almost ready for painting. 

I've refilled my thinner meter so I have at least enough for one project, but I probably won't finish painting this dude right away. I kinda want to try starting the titans version this week as well, and I've yet to find a spare HGUC RX-78 head to use lol. I really wish I could have it recast or something.

I plan on doing 3 variants (including this one) the second one was already mentioned and the third is a G3 version that has a bit of the Sentinel version look to it.
I want G3 to have a look that's bulkier than the RX-78-2, something I can achieve by varying the parts to be kitbashed on the unit, So I'm expecting parts from a GM Quel, Powered GM, and maybe even GM Command. I find it kind of fun how these different kits can be blended together almost seamlessly by virtue of the designer. Really makes me wonder when we'll get a dedicated Ver.Ka HG line.

Inb4 hurrr HGUC are Ver.Ka by default! Technically they are but generally they're more watered down.


It's GBWC time!

Not sure if I'll be able to join in because the base kits I need are very specific, haha.
But it never hurts to at least try to scout for stuff.

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