Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Godammit Blogger

Switched back to a static design on the blog since Blogger is being testicles about the Dynamic Views template. Oh well, at least I'm able to finally replace my old Sad Keanu banner with something recent.

Speaking of recent things...

Started a new WIP, I literally have no name for it, but it's done in the spirit of Build Fighter with all the swapped out parts. It can still completely convert to GM Sniper II mode though.

Thinking about giving it an AEUG paintjob.

You'll notice on the next pic that it's sporting a translucent face. I made clear casts of the face plate from Oyumaru and Epoxy resin:

Mostly because i'm using the original on my Ver. Ka WIP, that and I intend to use the same face on the subsequent Ver.Ka gundams I'm making.

Speaking of the Ver. Ka, getting my airbrush within the week, and hopefully I can start painting this guy up.

getting tired of seeing it always in primer gray lol.

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