Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday night therapy.

spending the rest of the friday building one of my new kits: HGUC GP01 Zephyrantes. Compared to the more recent ones I got this is gonna seem slightly outdated and seamtastic. Still I've built this one before and the way it comes together always delights me. It's like one of the old seed kits from the same "era" so to speak, very easy for its time. one of my favorites from Stardust Memory. 

Speaking of that series, these kits also arrived for me this week, but I won't be painting them straight up to look like the box art, rather I'm looking into how I can tweak these (most heavily) the Zaku F2 to match the Katoki Gundam I'm about ready to paint (added panel lines to the thigh but no pictures now).  I've yet to still do the mods I planned for the gouf custom to achieve the same goal though.

also, got my new airbrush last wednesday:

Works fine with my compressor, though the compressor itself is giving out rather weak psi. I'll have to upgrade that eventually as well, but we'll see if I can manage a decent paint job using the Sprayworks basic compressor and my new double action. I mean I'll just be using it for finishing highlight coats anyway. 

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