Sunday, March 24, 2013

Got myself some kits over the weekend, today I got the HGUC Geara Doga (Rezin Schnyder Colors ) and browsed through the manual. Holy cripes, this kit single-handedly made me want to complete the HGUC Char's Counterattack line. Looks like I'll be armybuilding some jegans and dogas, which would be my primary targets aside from the Nu and the Sazabi (the Jagd Dogas can wait, and maybe the ReGZ too).

Speaking of the Nu, I brought home this monster last Saturday...

this thing is just so xbox huge. And I feel like I should build it as best as I can, so this thing might become my main focus this summer in terms of build.

To prepare for that, I've started practicing on the painting front as well by starting the paintjob on my Adele Gundam build:

Winging it and learning stuff for other builds but so far it's working out okay.

right now I think I got enough kits to tide me over but since I bought the Evolve renditions of the Nu Gundam recently, I feel obliged to hunt down the Go Go Sazabi to complement both the Nu and HWS Nu. Once I have that I'm basically done for the rest of the summer, and shall spend the remainder of my time building them lol. 

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